The Journey

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La Diosa: 'The Goddess' in Spanish.

LA DiOSA, was born out of the creative style, passion and ambition of  Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael, a young London-based design duo. 

The friends travelled the world for a year to seek inspiration for their multi-award winning business, LA DiOSA, which specialises in fine jewellery and bespoke designs. Their initial travels took them to the Mayan ruins of Mexico, the exotic islands of Thailand and electrifying destinations such as Tokyo, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Faith & Zemikael learnt invaluable skills whilst living in Mexico and trained with a small group of women who taught them how to make jewellery. Their vivid imagination and adoration for unique gemstones has allowed them to hand make incomparable designs through pure inspiration. The designers believe in working sustainably and are proud to source all their materials ethically.

LA DiOSA is honored to work with many charities and is the proud designer of the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (UK) bracelets, whose sales contributed to the completion of the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital. 

'LA DiOSA evokes empowerment. Jewellery is not simply an accessory to be admired, but an extension of your personality.'

Semhal Zemikael

LA DiOSA strives to create designs that are bold and striking yet elegant and feminine, like a Goddess. Inspired by the ancient jewellery of the Aztec’s and Mayans, where statement jewellery was used to dictate hierarchy. Every design has been designed to empower the wearer..

'Beauty inspires me. It has no boundaries and requires no explanation, it simply speaks for itself.’

Natasha Faith

LA DiOSA designs for a stylish and discerning wearer and our products can be found in boutiques and stores across the globe...