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  • Recently our wonderful and beautiful friend Esta Sabetpur suffered a life threatening accident that left her covered in fourth-degree burns.

    We have been friends with Esta for years and this news came as a saddening shock to everybody. But the braveness of her spirit prevailed and Esta did something that was truly awe inspiring. She documented her painul revovery by displaying her body and creating an art masterpiece... 

    Esta is the true embodiment of what it means to be a Goddess. She is empowered, wise and beautiful. You can read more about Esta's story by clicking here 

    Esta we love you! <3 

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    Welcome to La Diosa! Many of you don't know how La Diosa began and we thought we would share some of the most inpspiring moments from our journey... Travelling the world was a major eye-opener for both of of us; Asia, The Americas and Latin America all had something amazing to offer. We saw some beautiful places and met some even more beautiful people that helped us DISCOVER.

    Discover Thailand

    So much colour, laughter and sun! You can't buy some of the moments we witnessed... It was  truly priceless. Our love for vibrant coloured gemstones was definitley increased on this trip! Who wouldn't want to be stranded with this much colour around them?

    Spiritual, inviting and meticulous with detail and design. This city is alive with culture and has enough going on to stimulate every single sense! The pure attention to detail is what really moved me... You can't go wrong in Hong Kong. 

    The ABSOLUTE foundation of La Diosa, Mexico grew our aspirations and inspirtions more than any other destination. It completely surpassed our expextaions... 

    Discover Mexico

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